Book Cover

I have an ambitious goal to complete my personal time project year end report by December 1.  I had a vision of a cover design for the report so I spent a little time sketching it out and refining it in Illustrator.  Below is the first digital pass.  I must say, I got pretty excited and happy with the design when I saw the vectors rendered on my monitor.


Personal time analysis project

For the past 10 months I have been keeping (relatively) detailed records of time spent on my daily activities.  The initial goal was to try and figure out how to be more efficient with my time.  I anticipated tracking my time for a week; maybe two.  Well – ten months later and I am still going at it.  After about one month I decided I should just go for a full year and make a project out of the process.  I have recently created a blog – – to document the project and share the data with whomever might be interested.  Although the project is not a design project I intend to include design elements when I wrap up the first year.  Below is an example of a potential graphic I designed for the project: